Mechs are returning to Fortnite!

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In one of the surprise reveals from Fortnite Update 18.30, it was uncovered that Mechs will be returning in Season 8! They will only be active on the island if the community meets their funding goal as they did with the turrets!

While the files were uncovered during the recent update, they are unlikely to appear for a few weeks yet when they'll be much more relevant to the overall story. As for now, things are still very much focused on the Cube Queen and The Convergence.

Mechs Returning to Fortnite

The first tease for mechs returning happened back when Morty was added in Season 7. In his trailer, a character is taking shelter from a shadowy figure which strongly resembles the B.R.U.T.E mech.


It turns out it was just Morty in an exoskeleton suit but it was certainly no accident that the mechs were teased here! Fast forward to Update 18.30 and we're getting our first solid look at the in-game model for the new mechs.

We also know that they'll be part of a community-wide funding effort to get them on the island. Just like the automated turrets at the beginning of Season 8, you'll have to donate gold bars to reach a set goal.

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According to @HYPEX, this goal will be set at a massive 1 Billion gold bars!


What Role Will They Play?

It's not currently known what kind of role the mechs will play in Fortnite Season 8. It's expected that the 1 Billion gold bar funding requirement will be met and if for any reason it appears that it will not be achieved, Epic will likely adjust the goal.


Once the mechs are funded they are expected to be placed across the island for players to use in non ranked gameplay modes. Alongside the automated turrets, the mechs are expected to play a role at the end of Season 8 event which very little is known about at this moment in time.