Fortnite: Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack Leaked, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Taskmaster

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We are now two weeks in to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and it has been a nice change of pace after the Marvel filled Season 4.

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But it looks like we can't quite see Marvel in our rear view mirror just yet, because even more Marvel skins are coming to the game.

Leaked Marvel Skins


Fortnite data miners ShiinaBR and Guille_GAG have revealed that even more Marvel skins are coming to the game.

Yesterday we revealed that Taskmaster is coming to the game, but it appears that he isn't coming alone.

It has been revealed that Black Panther and Captain Marvel will be joining Taskmaster, with possibly even more Marvel characters coming in Season 5 too.

Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack

It has been revealed that the collection of Marvel skins will be released as the "Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack".


It has also been revealed that at least Black Panther will get a second style, there are currently no leaks of any of the others with a second style.

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How To Get The Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack

The Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack will likely be a paid for bundle rather than being available with V-Bucks.

Majority of bundles that have been released, such as the Frosty Legends bundle, have been paid for with real money.

These bundles usually cost between £10.99-£19.99, however bundles such as The Last Laugh bundle can be priced as high as £24.99.

Being a Marvel collaboration the bundle will likely cost between £15.99 and £24.99.

Green Arrow

Its not just Marvel that is getting some new skins in the game, DC is getting another character added next month as well.

The next Crew Pack skin has been leaked and it will be Green Arrow from the DC universe.

CREDIT: ShiinaBR on Twitter
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CREDIT: ShiinaBR on Twitter

The Crew Pack is a monthly subscription that, for £9.99, gives players an exclusive skin that won't be available in the Item Shop.

As well as 1,000 V-Bucks (worth £6.49), and the Battle Pass for the current season if you don't already own it.


It is really good value for money, even more so if Epic Games are adding collaborative skins to it.

Green Arrow is a popular DC character, first seen in 1941 in More Fun Comics issue 73.

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