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Fortnite: Marvel Knockout Duos LTM replaces Knockout: Shuffle

After players reported issues loading into matches for the Fortnite Knockout: Shuffle playlist, it looks like we've moved on to a new Fortnite LTM, Marvel Knockout Duos.

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Let's dive in to the new game mode players can queue now!

Marvel Knockout Duos

Fortnite has a constant cycle of LTMs that keep players their toes with new gameplay experiences.

fortnite marvel season 4
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POWER UP: Take on Superpowers from the Fortnite Marvel heroes in Marvel Knockout Duos

The Marvel Knockout Duos LTM is a massively popular game mode that will surely have plenty of players queuing up right away.

So what does it include?


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Instead of spawning in normally, the Fortnite Marvel Knockout Duos game mode spawns players with different random Superpowers.

Players can't find healing items or guns on the map, and instead are stuck with the Superpowers they are given. This creates an exciting war between players with all kinds of different strengths and weaknesses!

Knockout: Shuffle

The Fortnite Knockout: Shuffle game mode will be replaced by Marvel Knockout Duos.

This could be in connection with issues players had trying to load into matches in the Fortnite Knockout: Shuffle playlist.

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These issues could've also arisen as Epic Games was switching the two LTM game modes.

Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 will begin on 3 December, which means we're only a week out!

Fortnite Galactus Horns Water
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LYING IN WAIT: Galactus is approaching, and he will surprise the Fortnite world in the Season 4 Finale

The return of Marvel Knockout Duos will be a great way to occupy players time until the new season arrives, but once it does, we expect plenty of new awesome content and game modes to jump into. But before then, a new threat approaches.


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Even before Fortnite Season 5 arrives, Galactus is coming to put an end to Fortnite Season 4.

This will be the Fortnite Season 4 Finale, and Galactus will prove just how daunting of a threat he is to the Fortnite universe, no matter how many Marvel heroes are around to fight back.