Why The Fortnite Map Is Among The Best In Modern Gaming

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When you think of Fortnite, a lot of things may come to mind that you associate with the game. One of those things should be the Fortnite map, and there's a good reason for this.

The Fortnite map is among the best in modern gaming not only because of its instantly recognizable art style, but because it can adapt and evolve incredibly well, making it virtually timeless.


Fortnite Map Complexity

The Fortnite map is a lot to take in when you initially look at it. It can be daunting to see this landmass for the first time, but the Fortnite map isn't meant to be enjoyed from a birds-eye view.

It's only when your feet touch the ground that you can start to judge the complexity of the Fortnite map, and for where it currently sits as part of Chapter 2, Season 7, it's incredibly intuitive.


The Fortnite map doesn't try and rip up the rule book when it comes to building a good gaming landscape. The entire Fortnite map wasn't designed as one whole landmass then split into the individual points of interest.

Fortnite Map Weapon, Shield and Ammo Locations
DEPTH: Weapons, Ammo and Slurp Juice are the only real items with massive map coverage

Instead, each POI was designed and stitched together beautifully to create the entire Fortnite map. It's hard to imagine this map being turned on its head compared to where it is now. Yes, POI will change and tweaks will be made, but this will be done gradually to ensure that players are not having to relearn everything whenever the changes occur.

The more natural the changes feel, the happier the player base will be with having to adapt to the changes.


Fortnite Map Density

The density of the Fortnite map is another thing to admire. With the larger POI making up the bulk of the map, how do you keep a player entertained and engaged when not in a major area?

Sometime's it's something as simple as the placement of animals between major POI that can help the open, emptier spaces feel more lively and attribute to keeping a player engaged.

Fortnite Map Animal Locations
WILD THING: Animal density is perfect, they occupy very strategic areas on the map.

The Fortnite map is laid out in a way to make sure there are no boring and baron areas in which a player can mindlessly wander and lose interest. Varying heights, animals, items, streams and rivers all contribute to keeping a player on their toes. You never know when you might come across another player, or when an enemy might have you in their sights.

Because of this, the Fortnite map creates this uneasy sense of foreboding. Are you being watched and stalked by another player waiting for the perfect shot? Are you tracking an opponent doing the exact same thing or was that just a chicken you saw moving out in the distance? It's a constant mind game that every player is always part of, whether they realise it or not.

Fortnite Map Bounty Locations
WANTED: A feature like the Bounties are well placed, to avoid them being abused.

The overall density of the Fortnite map is perfect and it plays a huge role in every match. Not understanding how the Fortnite map can be used to your advantage can easily cost you a Victory Royale. Understanding how the Fortnite map works and how to use it to your advantage will win you more games than your aim or crafting speed.


Fortnite Map Simplicity

The last point that we'll make is in regards to the simplicity of the Fortnite map. This is a game that appeals to all ages and has to absolutely nail it when it comes to simplicity. If things are too basic, the older crowd will feel insulted. Too difficult, and the younger audience feels forced out.

The simplicity of the Fortnite map shines in a few aspects, how easy it is to navigate and how easy it is to scale. In Fortnite, if you can see it, you can access it. Nothing is off-limits on the Fortnite map and this helps adds an almost artificial complexity to the map as players begin to explore, however, the idea that everything and everywhere can be accessed is an outright simple concept.

Fortnite Map Car and Boat Locations
TAXI: You're never forced into a vehicle, but they're there if you ever need them

Traversing the Fortnite map is also super simple. You can use one of the main vehicles on the map if you wish, but you can also get around on foot just as easily. The transition from walking to running to swimming to jumping and climbing is seamless. Again, players may seek out a challenge in navigating mountain peaks or ledges but that's a challenge they're setting themselves using what's already there.

We feel like the Fortnite map is timeless and a joy to play on. Changes will come, of course, but the foundation is always solid and Epic would be mad to ever try and reinvent the wheel given what they're produced through Fortnite Chapter 1 and 2.