Fortnite: Are more map changes coming in Season X?

We have already seen the changing of two POI’s thus far into Season X. What is to come?

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Leading up to Season X, one of the first teaser images Fortnite tweeted out was an old photo of the fan-favorite Dusty Depot.

With many fans anxious about the possible reincarnation of one of their favorite points of interest (POI) they were gifted this reward upon Season X’s release.

With Dusty Depot making a return to the field, many were wondering if more original changes are coming to the Fortnite map soon. 

Upon first glance, the most noteworthy change in Season X was the readdition of Dusty Depot and Factories which are nestled in the central part of Fortnite’s map.

If fans remember, this POI was the victim of the dreaded meteor that hit Dusty Depot towards the end of Season 3 which was the start of numerous map changes to Fortnite’s map. However, these changes have come at a cost to Fortnite’s map. 

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More Changes Looming?

One of the focal points of Season 9 was the epic Monster vs Mech in-game event that was towards the tail end of Season 9. During this event the Mech was forced to reach into the vault that is nestled in the middle of Loot Lake. When the Mech did this he ultimately destroyed the Monster but cause Loot Lake and the Zero Point to become unstable.

The theme of Fortnite’s Season X is “Twist Time”, relating to this theme is the rumors and leaks that some old locations are coming back but with a twist. In the image above we can see some of the hints that Epic Games has placed throughout the map to give players some indication into what else is coming back.

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With these hints in mind, many fans have started to speculate about if these locations are going to come back, but with a twist. As we saw recently during Fortnite’s recent V10.00 content update, they added or twisted Neo-Tilted into a western-style tilted, with no building and no breaking aloud in this new POI fans have already criticized Epic Games yet again.  

Could we see a twisted version of the Season 3 map?

So with already, two POI’s changed so far into Season X, we could be getting weekly updates throughout the map. With some of the fan-favorite POI’s already being hinted, data miners have given us more information into the possible mixture of some POI’s.

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Moisty Palms?

As you may know, whenever Fortnite releases a patch for their game data miners are quick on their feet to gather any leaks possible for fans and players. Well, one leaker by the name of “Ep8Script” dug into the files during Season X’s initial release and found some interesting information about one of the best drop spots in the game.

The file that Ep8Script found was one that had a POI titled “Moisty Palms” which seems as it will be some sort of match up between Paradise Palms and Moisty Mire which is the old POI that was once in this location. So with it in the game files it is very possible that we could see this mashup POI come into the game soon!

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Will we see more changes coming to Fortnite’s map in the coming weeks? Make sure to stay up to date with our Twitter for all Season X news! 

Gamescom 2019 is approaching fast and we may hear some more information surrounding the Modern Warfare campaign. Read more about Gamescom here.


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