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04 Aug 2020

Fortnite Location Guide: Rapids Rest - Best Solo Landing Spot, Materials, Weapons, Rotation and More!

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Movement and Rotations

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As Season 4 is fast approacing you may be looking for a new landing spot for your competitive matches.

Well, we may have the spot for you!

This is great for solo players looking to grab some early loot with little resistance.

If that's you, definitely give this area a shot, it's safe with plenty of loot for you to grab some early kills.


The main reason Rapids Rest caught our attention is the amount of materials you can get in a short amount of time.

fortnite aquaman 1229285

LAST CHANCE - As Season 3 comes to a close, now's your last chance to get Aquaman!

This became obvious when one of the week seven challenges made us visit this location.

There's a enough rock and wood here for you to feel comfortable entering a fight with a good advantage.

There is also plenty of loot here for you to get a good start.


You'll find a few pieces of floor loot when you first land.

This may include an AR or shotgun, but there is also a chest spawn next to the river.

Although you won't find the most glamorous loot, you can head into Lazy Lake with the confidence you have more materials than your opponent.

As long as you find a shotgun or SMG here, you'll be ready to take on your opponents at close range and close the gap with your materials.

Movement and Rotations

From this location, you have a few options when it comes to where you go next.

fortnite vehicle rotation map

CARS AND TRUCKS - Here, you can see which roads we'll be using the cars on!

You can take the river down to Catty Corner and take out any oponents still fighting the area boss here.

You can continue following the river down to Misty Meadows where you'll likely find some enemies to third party.

If you're ready to fight from the loot found at Rapids Rest, head into Lazy Lake to take out the enemies here.

Whiplash and Mudflap

Vehicles are coming to Fortnite on August 5th. This will drastically change the way we rotate aroundthe map, and how we interact with POIs.

Fortnite JoyRide Update

TWITTER - Stay up to date with everything Fortnite over at the Fortnite twitter page!

The two vehicles we've seen so far are Whiplash and Mudflap.

Thes evehicles are compeltely different, one being a sports car, the other a truck.

These vehicles will have different handling, speed and durability stats, so choosing the right one is key!


This is probably a location best used for high-level Arena.

The quiet landing spot allows you to get some easy placement points, if that's what you're going for.

However, if you have an aggressive playstyle, you can utilise this location and take on the players at Lazy Lake.