Fortnite: Leaked Playlist Indicates MAJOR Map Changes for Season 11

The playlist that could end it all is nearly approaching us. What do we know about it?

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Since the dawn of Fortnite Battle Royale, we have seen the same map be tinkered with over and over with until it has become a rather cluttered mess during Season X.

Now, data miners have unveiled some groundbreaking evidence that may support the rumors that we are at the end of this maps cycle and we are about to get a fresh start in Season 11.

Fortnite‘s map has become iconic within the battle royale industry, in its two-year legacy it has seen some immense changes. From the addition of The Block, the snow biome during season seven and the updated jungle biome during season eight, Fortnite has always managed to change something within the map, whether fans like it or not.

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The End?

One of Fortnite’s most famous data miners and leakers @FortTroy has revealed that a new playlist was found in the game files when Epic Games recently made a blog post regarding certain sensitivity issues.

The playlist is simply titled “The End” which immediately supports the rumors of the map ending very soon, and as with the previous Fortnite events every other playlist will be locked and players will only be able to queue into one playlist. Whether this leaked playlist will actually be the event one is still up for debate, but just last season the playlist was titled “The Final Showdown”, so sticking with the theme of doomsday it seems.

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What We Know About The New Map

Famous Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter managed to dig up 12 brand new point of interests found within the V10.30 game files. This immediately got Fortnite fans speculating like they never have before, albeit this was one of the biggest leaks in Fortnite’s history but there are some theories that stick out amongst the rest.

Some of the leaked names seem like they may become one of the new rift zones for the rest of Season 10. Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods and Sunny Shores all have indications that they could be some sort of collaboration between some current locations. Lazy Lake may be some sort of mash-up between Lazy Lagoon and the former POI Lazy Links while Weeping Woods could a different version of the beloved Wailing Woods.

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