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27 Nov 2020

Fortnite: Knockout: Shuffle Playlist Matches Not Loading - Timeline, Fix & more

Fortnite is experiencing some technical issues with loading into matches.

Players have reported problems when trying to queue up in the Knockout: Shuffle playlist, and as a result can't load into their matches.

Fortnite Knockout Shuffle Playlist down cant load into matches timeline fix servers season
ON THE JOB: The Fortnite team is hammering away at a new error preventing players from loading into matches in the Knockout: Shuffle playlist

The Fortnite team is on the case, however, and are already working on fixing the error.

As we approach new Fortnite Season content, we can only hope problems like this are ironed out before launch day!

As this is a breaking story, we'll update as news comes in.

For now, Fortnite players are advised to queue other match playlists and leave the Knockout Shuffle playlist behind for the time being.