Fortnite: Kingsman Crossover Event - Start date, New Weapons, Rewards, Full Details!

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The latest patch for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 released today, patch V12.30 introduced a decent amount of changes but it was a patch to more so get ready for the release of Deadpool this week.

However, there were some interesting items added to the game that all but confirm the next Fortnite crossover event.


Let's take a look at the latest news!

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SUPERHUMAN -Who else is ready for the next Kingsman?

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborating with modern-day movie titles, in the past, they have done crossover events with Birds of Prey, Star Wars and others.

The next crossover event they seemed to have planned is after another action movie series, and that is the Kingsman series.

Indicated by the new item added into the game courtesy of ShiinaBR, this umbrella is not your standard glider.


Indicating that it is indeed a weapon, this umbrella can be seen used by the main characters in the Kingsman movies as well.

The umbrella is also going to be able to melee enemies as well as deflect incoming bullets! Hopefully, this new item is not too overpowered!

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Anti-Fall Damage

anti damage pada

NO MORE FALL DAMAGE -These new items look INSANE!

Posted on Twitter by Fortnite data miner @HYPEX, these new anti-fall damage pads are rumoured to also be apart of the Kingsman crossover event.


These mini Launch Pads look amazing in the sample video posted on Twitter!

They act as a mini boost off the ground and send your player pretty high up as well!

A great way to take over the high ground and get the upper edge on your enemy!

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kingaman 2

BUNDLE? What kind of skins can we expect during this crossover?


Typically, Epic Games tends to release one or two new skins for every crossover event that they do.

During the Birds of Prey event, we only got a new Harley Quinn skin, but got an ample amount of other cosmetic items.

There were no files found with potential Kingsman skins, so they may be coming next week.

What is surprising, is that the new Kingsman movie is not set to release until September 2020!

Perhaps they reached an early deal to promote the movie? Be sure to keep an eye out on the item shop for more details in the near future!

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