Fortnite: Is Epic Games failing to save its dying Season X?

Will the publisher finally realise the current direction is killing the fun and enjoyment of the game?

Many fans were expecting Epic to roll out an update full of fixed issues that its community have been complaining about for the past two weeks. This was not the case…

Photo via Epic Games

Apart from the generic bug, UI, Art, Animation and Audio fixes, Epic failed to touch on the majority of the community’s main issues and just to top it off Zombies are back! Excited? I think not. 

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So not only is the B.R.U.T.E still in the game which many fans were hoping they would vault it, but zombies are also free roaming the map just to top things off. Here is what adjustments they made to the Mech:

Photo via Epic Games

Firstly, B.R.U.T.Es being able to be entered straight from glider mode just makes it a tad more accessible to players on the map when dropping out the bus. Was this needed?

Secondly, a visible laser that both teammates and opponents can see where it is shooting may help slightly, but will it stop the inevitable of the overpowered machine killing us all with a single round of its rockets?

Lastly, are any of these B.R.U.T.E. updates what the Fortnite community wanted? Absolutely not. 

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Here are just a few opinions of what the base think:

It’s clear that people are not happy with the developing firm Epic Games; will they see this and realise that sometimes the most simple ideas are the best fun!

What should they do?

We here at RealSport believe that the B.R.U.T.E should be either vaulted from the game and available in creative and playground variants or made its own limited time mode just like the Infinity Sword was in its previous seasons!

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Let us know how you are feeling about the new v10.10 patch down below.

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