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Fortnite: Is A Freddy Krueger Skin Coming Soon?

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Despite being one of the kings of the silver screen in the 80s horror-movie boom, it's now been over a decade since the finger-knife-wearing Freddy Krueger has graced the dreams of Elm Street residents via the silver screen but that may change soon thanks to Fortnite.

His most recent appearance of note is as a crossover killer in the popular multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, being introduced as DLC back in 2017 and with no new movies seemingly in the work, Fortnite is our best bet.

So will Freddy Krueger be the next crossover? Here's what we know.

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Fortnitemare on Elm Street?

The answer to that question... well it's a little bit complicated.

The rumours of Freddy Krueger stem from various posts on the website 4Chan so a large pinch of salt should be taken with these claims due to the unreliable nature of the website at the best of times.

This post discussed many things regarding Chapter 3 Season 4, including battle pass hints, the return of Dr Slone, more Resident Evil skins and even some features regarding the battle pass alongside Freddy Krueger but unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this is true according to HYPEX on Twitter.

This post seems to suggest that the claims regarding the Season 4 battle pass are incorrect in this post, suggesting that the rest of the post is also likely inaccurate, including Krueger.

HYPEX does clarify in a reply to this post that some posts had made some lucky guesses so the possibility is still there and would be a very different and interesting get for Fortnite, joining the likes of Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise and Predator.

With a new Fortnitemares event now on the way, it's the perfect time for a large crossover like Freddy Krueger in Fortnite with the Elm Street House being a perfect POI for the event but most importantly - the name Fortnitemares on Elm Street is just too perfect.

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