You need to keep The Bridge safe from Impostors in this new Fortnite mode

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Watch out for Impostors and complete your Assignments in this brand new Fortnite Mode - Imposters. Among Us is coming to Epic Games' epic game, but not exactly in the way you might think... At least not yet, anyway. Here's everything you need to know about the new mode and what it's all about.

What is the Impostors Mode all about?

Among Us is all about rooting out the impostors among us and completing tasks while you do it. The new Impostors game mode coming to Fortnite in the v17.40 update sounds almost exactly the same.


We don't know how much of Among Us' more unique gameplay features are going to be replicated, but the general sense is that the two will be very similar.

Here's a full description of the new Imposters mode, data-mined from Fortnite files during the v17.40 Server Downtime.

" Agents of The Order are tasked with keeping The Bridge safe by completing their Assignments or identifying the Impostors.
" Be careful of Impostors! They have disguised themselves to take down The Order from the inside. If the Impostors eliminate enough Agents before The Bridge is secured - The Impostors win.
" Trust Nobody."

Fortnite's Impostors game mode is going to be for 4-10 players.


When can you play the new Mode?

At the moment, we're under the assumption that you will be able to play the new Imposters game mode when the v17.40 Update is fully released. At the moment, the servers are offline to implement the update.

Server Downtime started at the following times:

  • 01:00 August 17th - PST
  • 04:00 August 17th - EST
  • 09:00 August 17th - BST

We don't know exactly how long this will last - however if we look at previous updates we should see the servers come back online by the following times:

  • 04:00 August 17th - PST
  • 07:00 August 17th - EST
  • 12:00 August 17th - BST

Epic Games will keep us updated if there are any delays and extensions and we'll be sure to make sure you know about them.