18 May 2021 2:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Fortnite Impossible Escape LTM is out now

After weeks of being teased by leakers, Epic Games has officially announced the new Impossible Escape LTM, which will see teams of players try and escape the Fortnite island.

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Here is everything you need to know.

Release Date

The Impossible Escape LTM is available now and will be in the game until May 25th, so players have one week to check it out.


Check out the official Impossible Escape trailer now.




The LTM comes with two different variations, PVE and PVP, and both come with different rewards.

Players that complete the PVE version of the LTM will be granted the Impossible Odds Loading Screen.

While completing the PVP version will unlock the Escapist Umbrella.

The PVE version will see squads work together to escape the Fortnite island, while PVP will allow squads to fight each other if they choose to, as there is one Choppa to escape on rather than three in PVE.

What To Expect

In a blog post, Epic Games laid out how the new mode works and what to expect while playing,

"There are three Choppas on the Island or one, depending on whether you’re playing the PvE or PvP version of the mode. But escape isn’t as simple as just boarding one. Each Choppa is in need of repair, requiring four specific parts to bring it back into commission. The parts can be anywhere on the Island, but beware: the Island is occupied by savage animals and dangerous guardians, with new threats emerging each time the sun goes down.

As soon as a Choppa is fixed up, whoever’s the pilot must fly it to an escape point before it runs out of fuel. Everyone on board a successfully escaped Choppa wins, but don’t think that ditching your team is a sound strategy to safety…
All players will awaken far from each other, so it’s up to you to seek out fellow strandees to form a squad with. You’ll be given the option to squad up with a player when you approach them, allowing you to communicate with each other with in-game chat (if enabled). Also, many hands make light work, so check your HUD to see what Choppa parts your squadmates are currently carrying. As usual, a squad can contain up to four players.
Though you’ll want to divide the labor, you won’t want to split up. With all the barbaric opposition, travelling alone would be perilously unwise. And depending on what version you’re playing, the opposition could include your fellow survivors. In the “PvE” version, members of different squads cannot harm each other, but in the “PvP” version, civility among squads is surrendered. 

PvP only has one Choppa as opposed to PvE’s three, so taking on other squads is crucial to escape."

Loading Screen

Check out the Impossible Odds loading screen below.

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Escapist Umbrella

Check out the Escapist umbrella below.

Fortnite Escapist Umbrella
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