Fortnite: How To Visit The Weather Station As Storm - Awakening Challenges!

Chapter 2 Season 4 has implemented a cast of Marvel characters for the battle pass.

All have their own unique styles that can be obtained via Awakening challenges.

The first one for Storm may have players a bit confused.

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Awakening Challenges

The challenge is the first step in the Storm Awakening set, and completing this will get you one step closer to a new variant.

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This one simply asks you to visit a weather station on the Fortnite map, while having the Storm skin equipped.

Weather Station

Finding exactly where the weather station is may be a bit daunting to osme players.

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As it is located near an area you may not visit often.

The weather station is just to the south of Catty Corner, nestled on top of a snowy mountain!

Check it out for yourself below, thanks to Fortnite.GG for the interactive map.

Weather Station min
click to enlarge

ISOLATED - A nice landing spot for sure!



You will not get any rewards for completing this challenge.

As it is one of the first ones in the Storm Awakening set!

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