Fortnite: How To Unlock Borderlands Psycho Bundle, Last Chance December 31

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Fortnite has done collaborations and crossovers with brands from all corners of the entertainment industry, from music, to TV shows, to movies, to other games.

In 2019 to celebrate the launch of Borderlands 3, which was an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC at the time, the Psycho bundle was released, giving players the chance to own the Psycho Bandit outfit, plus Claptrap as a back bling.


Eventually the bundle was removed from the Item Shop, but players have still been able to get hold of it, but not for much longer.

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How To Get The Psycho Bundle

The only way to get the Psycho bundle in Fortnite is to either purchase it from a key reseller, although players always run the risk of the skin being removed at a later date by Epic Games, or purchase Borderlands 3 on Epic Games Store.

Fortnite Psycho Bandit Borderlands 3 skin
LAST CHANCE: Psycho Bandit will be gone forever soon, probably

Players that purchase Borderlands 3 on Epic Games Store will unlock the Psycho Bundle on Fortnite the next time they log in to the game.

And right now players can get the bundle for really cheap, approximately half of the cost that the bundle was in-game.


During the current Holiday sale, Borderlands 3 has been reduced to just £16.49.

Users will also receive a free £10 coupon from Epic Games to use on any title that costs £14.99 or more.

Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store
SALE: Borderlands 3 is currently on sale.

This means it can be applied to Borderlands 3, making the purchase just £6.49.

Plus, players get a free copy of Borderlands 3 with their Psycho Bundle, win win.

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When Does The Offer End?

The Psycho Bundle is only available to players who purchase Borderlands 3 before December 31 2020.

Will He Ever Return To The Item Shop?

You'd think with special promo skins and collaborations they would be a one and done deal.

But, never say never with Fortnite.

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Many collaboration skins have made a return to the game, so it is possibly Psycho Bandit will as well.

He returned to the Item Shop in May 2020, so it is possible he will return.

However, if he is a skin you've wanted for a while, this is the best way to do it because it guarantees you will get the skin, and its actually cheaper, no-one knows whether he will return until he does, if he does.

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