Stoke Campfires Near Different Hatcheries in Fortnite (Week 7 Legendary Quest)

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As part of the Fortnite Week 7 Legendary quests, we had to build a wooden hatchery, a few quests later and we're now being asked to visit two locations and stoke campfires near different hatcheries.

We currently believe you can revisit the first hatchery location you completed in the first quest, or just visit any two hatchery locations even if they're unbuilt. Either way, there are plenty of locations on the map to complete this quest.

Here are what we believe to be the two easiest locations to find and access to stoke campfires near different hatcheries in Fortnite Week 7.


Hatchery/Campfire Locations in Fortnite

Each Fortnite hatchery location has a nearby campfire to use so there isn't too much searching that needs to be done for this quest. Instead, you can revisit the previous hatchery location you used for the first quest and find one other.

The two we recommend using are the island just North-West of Craggy Cliffs and the mountainside cabin. You can find both marked on the map below.

Fortnite Campfire Locations
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LOCATIONS: Both cabins are easy to access with a campfire right outside

To stoke campfires near different hatcheries in Fortnite, you must have at least 30 pieces of wood in your inventory (per campfire). Simply approach and interact with the campfire to stoke it, and once you have done this twice, 30,000 XP is yours for the taking.

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