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Fortnite: How To Stoke Campfires At Camp Cod!

Once again we are jumping into a brand new season of Fortnite soon and this time around it is Chapter 2 Season 4.

Before that however, we must complete the current season and that of course, means the remaining challenges.

We are now in week nine of ten for the weekly challenges.

Here's how to stoke campfires!

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Where Is Camp Cod?

Camp Cod is perhaps the largest non-named location on the Chapter 2 Fortnite map.

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It has been quite odd for Epic to not name this location but for most players they are well aware of where it is.

Players will be able to find Camp Cod at the southern most point of the map, just below Misty Meadows!

Camp Cod 1
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MASSIVE - So much loot!

Stoke Campfires

Once you make your way to Camp Cod, the main objective of this challenge is to stoke campfires.


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Stoking campfires was a new method added in Chapter 2 and will require you to farm some wood before heading to the fire at the center of Camp Cod.

Once you activate the campfire, you can use your interact key to spend 30 wood to keep the fire going at an accelerated speed.

You will need to stoke the fire at least three times as well!


For completing this challenge, players will earn 35,000 XP!