Fortnite: How to Sprint in Season 2

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Fortnite is known for many things but the ability to sprint isn't one of them. The games' movement mechanics haven't often been called into question but a change has been made regardless.

Many players will point to the removal of the building feature - albeit only for a short time - as the biggest change to the game. The addition of a sprint feature, however, could be just as huge, especially if it sticks around for the long term.


Here's how to sprint in Fortnite Season 2...

How to Sprint in Fortnite Season 2

To sprint in Fortnite Season 2, there are different control bindings depending on whether you're using a controller or keyboard and mouse. The standard key binding for controllers - including the standard Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation input - is to click the right stick in while moving.

fortnite sprint season 2
Sprinting and Mantling have been added in Season 2

This lines up with the standard input adopted by many first and third-person shooters. As for PC, the input is auto-assigned to Left Shift. You can alter this by heading into the menu and reassigning the key binding if you so wish.

You can only sprint for a short time and a stamina bar will appear above your health/shields to show you how long you can sprint for. It will regenerate once you stop but it's not too quick to refill so don't get caught short!

Is Sprinting in Fortnite permanent?

It's hard to say right now but it does seem like Fortnite plans to keep sprint in as a feature in the long term as part of a mobility overhaul. This could change and Epic haven't made their future plans public yet so it's just a guessing game.


Are you enjoying the new feature and want to see it stick around? Be sure to let them know and if enough players feel the same way, who knows what might happen!