How to Shakedown Opponents in Fortnite

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The Cube Queen has finally arrived in Fortnite and you can unlock her right now if you own the Season 8 Battle Pass. Like Superman last season, you'll need to complete a special set of quests to gain access to the skin.

We've got all the details you need on how you can shakedown opponents and complete the quest as you can't proceed to page two of the rewards without completing all of page one!

How to Shakedown Opponents in Fortnite

For you to be able to shakedown opponents in Fortnite you cannot be in a solo queue. Enemies will not become downed in solo game modes so you must play in either duos, trios or squads.

Fortnite cube queen shakedown quests
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When you down an enemy in either of these game modes they can still crawl about and normally you would just try and eliminate the rest of their team or finish them off with a weapon. You can, however, instead opt to shake them down which will reveal the location of their team members.

Just approach the downed enemy and use the interact button/key to initiate a shakedown. There is a short animation that will play and leave you vulnerable so make sure you're safe before you start.


Be sure to not eliminate the rest of the team if they are nearby as once no members of a team are left standing, the entire team will automatically be eliminated. That's what makes this quest particularly tricky.

The best strategy is to try and find players who are isolated and without their teammates. This can happen quite a lot when players enter matchmaking solo rather than as part of a group. Make sure you communicate with your team that you need to initiate the shakedowns too or else they may outright eliminate players before you have the chance.