Fortnite: How to Remain Shrouded From a Single Shadow Bomb for 10 Seconds

With the 21.50 update for Fortnite now out, the season is coming to a close but that doesn't mean there isn't any new content, with themed weeks of challenges set to wrap up the season.

The first of these quests is the Shadow of Phantasm week, a set of probes themed around stealth with some items explicitly unvaulted for the challenges. One of these quests needs you to stay cloaked with a shadow bomb for 10 seconds. Here's some help completing it.

Where to Find Shadow Bombs

Shadow Bomb in Fortnite
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Shadow Bombs are an item that resembles a flashbang/smoke grenade and can be found in chests all across the Fortnite map. When used, they cloak the user in a veil of shadows, making them invisible for a short period of time before running out.

Each time you find a Shadow Bomb in a chest, two grenades will be provided to you so using them sparingly or collecting as many as you can is recommended.

Staying Shrouded For 10 Seconds

The quest that requires you to stay shrouded for 10 seconds with a single grenade can be a little tricky to complete but there is a trick to doing it.

One of the benefits of the Shadow Bomb items is that they allow the player to double jump, getting even further into the air. The shroud itself can also only run out when a player is fully on the ground, something which is avoidable on a slope for instance.

Getting high up with one of these grenades and then triggering it before double-jumping your way down the side of a cliff is a good way to rack up the time spent in the shroud. Getting the timing right can still be a little tricky, however, so don't be too surprised if it takes a few attempts before you get the quest completed and earn that 12,000 XP.

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