27 Jul 2021 2:03 PM +00:00

How To Plant Wiretaps At Different Key Locations In Fortnite (Week 8 Legendary Quest)

Things are getting tense in the Fortnite week 8 Legendary quests as we no need to plant wiretaps at different key locations to identify an IO mole.

This quest requires you to visit three different key locations in Fortnite and plant a wiretap at each of them. We have selected three locations that make this quest achievable in just one match.

Wiretap Locations In Fortnite

While there are many locations that you'll be able to complete this quest at, we've picked out three that are close to each other to reduce the time required to complete the quest.

Fortnite Wiretap locations
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KEY: The three locations we have selected are the marked on the map.

There are three wiretaps at each of the above locations but you need to activate only one for that location to be complete. Fortnite has been kind here as we could have been asked to plant all three wiretaps and three different locations!

Here is a little more detail on where the wiretaps are at each of the Fortnite locations marked on the above map;

  • Lazy Lake - There are three wiretaps attached to the large modern glass apartment. All three wiretaps are on the ground level outside of the building. Interact with either of them to complete this location.
  • Satellite Station - We have marked a satellite station on the map, we believe all satellite stations will have wiretaps but this is the closest to the other two marked locations. One wiretap is at the base of the main satellite while there are also wiretaps at the base of the antenna at the East and West walls of the location.
  • Redacted Bunker - There are three more wiretaps at the redacted bunker which is built into the side of the snowy mountain. One is at the bunker outpost, one is near some rocks just outside the bunker and the final is right down as the large bunker doors, underneath the stairs.

If you need any help finding the week 8 Alien Artifacts, we also have a handy guide for that here.