Fortnite: How to Join a Versus Battle

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A major part of the last couple of seasons of Fortnite has been the bounty system with players hunting down each other for a nice reward of gold bars.

The 21.40 update saw this mechanic undergo a transformation, however, as the Dragon Ball crossover has made drastic changes to the battle royale we've come to know. Now what was once bounties have been replaced with versus battles.


Here's how this new Fortnite mechanic works.

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Versus Battles

Versus battles are the latest mechanic in Fortnite

For those that are familiar with the Fortnite bounty system used before this recent change, versus battles are similar but with some interesting twists.

While the bounty system would pick a player at random and give you an area where they might be so you can hunt them down, the battle system takes two people and puts them against each other in a battle for supremacy.

You and your opponent will now be able to see each other on the map and will have five minutes to find each other and battle to the death with the winner getting the gold reward and loot.

Joining a Versus Battle

A versus battle board found across the Fortnite map.

For players who have used the bounty system before, the good news is that joining a Versus Battle isn't that different from collecting a bounty as all bounty boards scattered across Fortnite island have been transformed into this new system.

Look for a bounty board featuring an image of Goku and Vegeta and then interact with it, accepting the Versus battle. Once accepted, you will wait to be matched with an opponent, after which the battle begins.


The downside to this system is that it completely depends on another player also using the versus battle boards, leading to scenarios where you and your opponent are on complete opposite ends of the map. Luckily, the battle is more about outlasting your opponent than being the one to finish them off so simply surviving longer is good enough in these instances.

The versus boards are likely to last until the introduction of Season 4. Whether or not they stay as a mechanic after that fact is yet to be seen.