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How to Hunt an Infected Animal in Fortnite

The Epic Quests for Season 7 Week 4 are now live in Fortnite. For the most part they're quite easy, but you might need help for some of them.

One of the challenges asks you to hunt an infected animal in Fortnite, which isn't that easy.

fortnite wolves
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HUNT: These, but purple

Where to Hunt an Infected Animal in Fortnite


Animals aren't easy to find at the best of times in Fortnite, apart from when you really don't want a wolf to attack you.

Finding an infected one is even more challenging due to them being a certain version of a normal animal. If you're trying to hunt an infected animal in Fortnite, we've got all the tips you need.

First of all, any of the animals that spawn on the island can be infected, so you don't need to look for a specific type. Chicken, Boars, or Wolves, they all work.

You're looking for one of them that's glowing purple and has an alien parasite connected to it somewhere.

fortnite, hunt infected animal
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The thing is, there's no trick to finding them, since they spawn in the same way standard animals do in the game. You'll simply need to look around and try to find a couple of animals roaming and hope that one of them in infected.


In our own experiences, more animals tend to spawn around Corny Complex and the farmland that surrounds is, so maybe head there first and keep your fingers crossed that one turns up.

One you have found one, all you need to do is kill it, plain and simple. Any weapon works, but you may want to keep your distance because some animals, and particularly infected ones, can be pretty lethal.

You don't need to do anything after you'd killed it, the 30,000XP will be automatically awarded right away.