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08 May 2020

Fortnite: How To Get The Neon Wings Back Bling

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What Is Party Royal

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Neon Wings

We are now coming up on the closing weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. What has already been a long season was extended another month back during the beginning of April.

One of the newest game modes Epic is experimenting with is Party Royal, a place where there is no fighting but just mini-games and other activities.

As apart of this new game mode, they are giving away a special back bling.

Let's go over how to get the Neon Wings now!

What Is Party Royal

As alluded to above, Party Royal is the brand new game mode that Epic has added into the mix.

The game mode has its own unique island equipped with all sorts of activities and challenges.

Players can do pretty much anything they desire in this game mode. They can ride ATV's with their friends or partake in gliding challenges, it is Epic's first time trying this game mode as well.

Fortnite blog dillon francis steve aoki and deadmau5 invite you to the party royale premiere backbling fortnite neon wings back bling 1920x1080 0266ed7b7587079e35d61b585c0f65061d14fedd

WINGS - These wings are nuts!

Along with all the challenges players can partake in, there is also a massive musical stage located on the island as well.

Epic has experimented with concerts in the past, as we are all well aware of the recent Travis Scott one and the Marshmello one. However, it appears Epic is trying to make them more accessible for everyone.


As apart of the new Party Royal game mode and the need to see if these in-game concerts are going to work, Epic announced they are hosting several ones over the course of the coming days

All of the hosts of these concerts are world renown DJ's and artists that most of us are familiar with. They include:

  • Dillon Francis
  • Steve Aoki
  • Deadmau5
Fortnite Party Royale Premiere

JAM - Who else is hoping in for one of these concerts?

Over the course of the weekend, all three of these talented musicians are going to be jumping in every so often to perform for the Fortnite crowd.

We will get to witness all of these artists in Fortnite which is still unbelievable to us.

Neon Wings

Since this is the first time Epic is experimenting with multiple concerts over numerous days, they are going to be giving back to the players.

Players are going to be able to receive one of the coolest cosmetic items we have ever seen, and that, of course, is the Neon Wings. They also mention how players are going to be able to obtain them.

Neon Wings

LOG IN - Super easy method to obtain these wings!

All players have to do this weekend is to make sure they log into Fornite at least once! They do not even have to attend the concert, a pretty epic reward from Fortnite!