How To Forage Food In Fortnite (Week 4 Legendary Quest)

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For the final part of the Fortnite Week 4 Legendary questline, you're asked to forage food and supplies. There are a few different ways to complete this quest.

First of all we need to know how to forage in Fortnite. This may be a strange term for many, and seem more complicated than it is. It is actually super simple and we'll tell you how to get things done.

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How To Forage Food In Fortnite

To forage food in Fortnite, you are essentially being asked to eat food that you have sourced yourself. We're going to go over the easiest example of this here for the guide.

The best location to do this is a Corny Complex. After all, it is a farm, so food shouldn't be too hard to come by!

Fortnite Corny Complex
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Corny Complex is where we completed this challenge

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When you arrive at Corny Complex, you want to look for a field of corn. Head over with your harvesting tool out and start swinging away at the corn.

As you do this, individual corn will drop onto the floor, you can now head over and interact with this. There will be two options to interact with the corn when it drops, gather or consume.

Fortnite Forage Corn
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Be sure to consume rather than gather!

The complete this quest, you are going to consume the corn. This is what Fortnite classes as foraging. Once you have eaten five pieces of corn, that's the mission complete!

You have successfully learned how to forage in Fortnite and get 30,000 XP to go along with it! Better yet, that's all the Legendary quests completed for Week 4, come back next week for our guides on Week 5!

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