Fortnite: How To Find The Golden Mushroom!

What better way to spend your time in Fortnite then hunting for this legendary item!

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fortnite golden mushroom

Fortnite has once again experienced some map changes with the water levels decreasing yet again.

With the season halfway over now, players are just starting to figure out the mystery behind this golden item.

Last season it was the Mythic Flopper and now it is the Golden Mushroom!

Here’s how to get one.


What Is It?

Similar to the Mythic Flopper which was obtainable last season, the Golden Mushroom has been a secret implemented by Epic.

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It was quite rare for a player during a match to find the Mythic Flopper last season, as the odds were insane!

LEGENDARY – Has anyone found this fish?

According to Fortnite data miner HYPEX, the Mythic Flopper and Golden Mushroom have a spawn rate of 0.0001%.


So, this new Golden Mushroom has all of the hype as the Mythic Flopper; and it even has some crazy benefits.

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If players are able to find this mushroom, it will instantly reward them with 100 Shield, so it is well worth the find.

golden mushroom
BING – Instant shield!

The struggle is actually finding this item, so keep that in mind when trying to locate one.


Although there is no confirmed location for the Golden Mushroom, as it is a Fortnite secret.

We assume that around Weeping Woods or one of the forest areas is your best bet to find out.

Best of luck!

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