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How To Visit Farmer Steel's Favourite Places In Fortnite (Season 7, Week 4 Legendary Quest)

As part of the Fortnite Season 7, Week 4 Legendary questline you will have to visit three of Farmer Steel's favourite locations on the island.

This quest can be tricky as you'll need to visit all three locations not just one or two, and they're quite spread out. Feel free to take multiple games to complete this quest if necessary.

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Farmer Steel's Favourite Locations In Fortnite

None of the locations are named, instead they are just generic POI.

The three locations are very spread out, so it will be difficult to achieve this quest in one match without a vehicle.

Fortnite Season 7 Farmer Steel Locations
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Farmer Steel's favourite locations

The good thing about this mission is what once you arrive at the location, it's job done! No need to interact with any items or NPCs. Once you arrive at the location, the quest should update to show you have visited.

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If you do choose to drive a vehicle to complete this quest, you do not have to exit the vehicle for it to register. Just try not to drive a car into the lake!