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How To Find Clues At Steel Farm In Fortnite (Season 7, Week 4 Guide)

The first Legendary quest in Fortnite Season 7, Week 4, tasks you with finding clues about where Farmer Steel has gone to. Naturally, we're heading to Steel Farm to search for these clues!

This might sound like an easy task, but there is the small matter of an alien invasion to worry about. Oh, and other players who will likely want to prevent you getting the job done.

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Fortnite Farm Clues Locations

There are four total clues on Steel Farm and the quest requires you to find two of these. The clues are instanced meaning each player has their own clues, it's not a race to see who can get the clues quickest.

Head to Steel Farm on the map and start looking around. The clue locations are identified with a small magnifying glass over the location.

Fortnite Steel Farm
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Steel Farm before the invasion!

Approach the location and interact with it to check out the clue. Do this at any two of the locations and that's 45,000 XP in the bank.

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The four locations are as follows;

  • By the Drift Wood next to the lake
  • Next to the Red Tractor
  • On the cliffs just North of the barn
  • In the Dirt Track just southwest of the farm

FOrtnite Season 7 clue at steel farm dirt track
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The clue on the dirt track
Fortnite week 4 quest clue next to tractor
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The clue next to the tractor


The above video comes from Perfect Score on YouTube.

Once you've got your clues and your XP, it's time to move onto the next Legendary Quest for week 4!