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How To Experience Low Gravity With Alien Nanites Or On the Mothership In Fortnite (Week 4 Epic Quest)

As part of the Fortnite Week 4 Epic Quests, you're tasked with experiencing low gravity by either entering the Alien Mothership or using Alien Nanites.

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How To Experience Low Gravity With Alien Nanites Or On the Mothership In Fortnite

All of this weeks Epic quests seem to revolve around the aliens invaders and their technology. This quest is quite simple due to the lack of randomness around the Alien Mothership.

How To Board The Alien Mothership

The easiest way to complete this task is to take part in the Mothership mini game. To do this, you need to drop in one of the locations on the map where an Abductor currently sits.

Fortnite Season 7 Abductor Location
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You can see where the Abductors are when the game begins

The locations of the Abductors can change between games. At the time of writing, they can appear over Believer Beach, Pleasant Park, Lazy Lakes, Catty Corner and Dirty Docks.

Land nice and quick in one of these areas and a short time after hitting the ground, a green light should start to beam you up to the Mothership. This can take up to 30 seconds from the light showing up and you being taken away, so make sure you're safe while this happens!

Fortnite Season 7 Mothership Abductor
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Take me to your leader

You can be in a building while this happens, you do not need to be outside to get abducted.

Play The Mothership Mini-Game

Once you're taken, you now just need to participate in the Mothership mini-game. You'll use low gravity to traverse a map of floating islands and collect time orbs.

Fortnite mothership mini-game
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Easily the best mini-game in Fortnite

These time orbs give you more time to collect vault orbs. If you can collect five vault orbs before the time runs out, you'll be transported to a mythic vault room. In here, there are multiple mythic chests which guarantee mythic weapons and loot.

If you fail to collect five vault orbs, you'll be transported to a room that corresponds to how many orbs you could collect. For example, if you finish the game with four stars, you'll head to the epic vault room.

You'll only have a short amount of time in the room, so be quick and prepared to arrange your inventory on the go. Once the game is complete you will have completed the Epic quest and received your XP reward!

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