Fortnite: How To Deal Damage With Different Rarity Pistols As Mystique - Awakening Challenge Guide!

Awakening challenges are a new component Epic has introduced this season.

Tailored to all the battle pass skins, these unlock new cosmetics.

Each skin has three challenges and Mystique's second one may prove troublesome for players.

Here's how to complete it.


Awakening Challenge

This is one of the challenges within the Awakening set for Mystique

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Doing this challenge will get you one step closer to completing the set.

It will require you to deal damage with different pistols while wearing the Mystique skin.


There are wide array of pistols in Fortnite, and it is one of the most common weapons as well.

As of now there are the following pistols:

  • Grey - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
600px Fortnite pistol
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BANG - This weapon has never been vaulted!


Finding these should not be to much trouble, as they are common in chests or on the floor.

Be sure to get a clear line up of your target, as you don't want to miss!

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