Construct a Wooden Hatchery in Fortnite (Week 7 Legendary Quest)

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To kick off the Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 Legendary quests, you're tasked with constructing a wooden hatchery. All of this week's quests are set by Bushranger who appears to want to try and help look after some alien eggs (we're not sure this is a great idea either).

Here's how to find one of the locations in Fortnite and how to construct a wooden hatchery.

Fortnite Wooden Hatchery Location

The easiest location to use for this quest is just North-West of Craggy Cliffs. You'll see a small island with a bit of greenery, there is also a small shack there.

Fortnite Wooden Hatchery Location
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LOCATION: The small island at the top of the map is where you'll find the wooden hatchery

When you drop into the Fortnite map, you can head to this shack and inside you'll find a silhouette for a hatchery.

How to Construct a Wooden Hatchery in Fortnite

You will need some wood in order to construct a wooden hatchery so head to one of the nearby trees to get this. Once you have the required materials, head back to the small shack and interact with the silhouette of the hatchery.

If you've followed all of these steps when you should have completed the quest with minimal issues and have bagged yourself a cool 45,000 XP.

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