Fortnite: How to complete the Shootout at Sundown Challenge List in Season 10

This the third set of missions that Epic Games has added so far to the brand new season.

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During Season X’s initial release, one thing that fans did not expect to change was the daily/weekly Fortnite challenges. These challenges have always been in the game and by doing these challenges you were able to unlock exclusive cosmetics of battle stars to further your battle pass level.

Previously, Fortnite Season 9 took it up a notch with the introduction of Fortbytes, which were in-game collectibles that were hidden around the map and players would need to collect them. These were mainly received negatively as they were added on top of the weekly/daily challenges so players had another set of challenges to complete before the season was over.

With Season X, Fortnite have changed it up with specific “missions” now that are much shorter than the weekly challenges and the missions offer more incentive to do them making the player base much happier.

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A new set mission set is releasing today and thanks to the top-notch Fortnite leakers we have an early glance at them so we can give you ample time to get ready to complete these. These missions are titled “urgent” so there may indeed be a time limit on these so act fast and get these done!

Photo via Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter

How do I complete each mission?

Normally, these missions are much more difficult than the ones shown above. So thankfully Fortnite has not made it a burden on us to complete these under a time limit. Some challenges are generic and are self-explanatory but others may seem a bit tricky to the average casual player.

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Deal Damage to Descending Supply Drops

This one may sound a bit tricky at first but, simply load up a game of Team Rumble and look for the multiple ones that spawn around the map.

Pick Up an Item of Each Rarity

Again, Team Rumble is your best bet for these challenges as it may offer the most optimal loot as there is always chest spawns!

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What do you think of these challenges? Pretty easy right! 

Gamescom 2019 is approaching fast and we may hear some more information surrounding the Modern Warfare campaign. Read more about Gamescom here.


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