Collect Parenting Books From Holly Hatchery or Retail Row in Fortnite (Week 7 Legendary Quest)

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The final stage in the Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 questline sees Bushranger asks you to collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery or Retail Row. We're not sure if these are specifically alien parenting books but either way, whatever Bushranger has planned seems doomed to fail.

Nevertheless, here's where to find and collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery or Retail Row in Fortnite Week 7.

Fortnite Parenting Book Locations

As the quest name suggests, you can collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery or Retail Row on the Fortnite map. You need to collect two books in total from any of the available locations.

Due to the variety of locations where the books might be, we'll use a video from RutgerK on YouTube which shows off the locations nicely.

Once you arrive at any of the locations, just interact with the small stack of books to collect them. Once you collect two of the parenting books, the quest is complete and you are awarded 30,000 XP.

That's it for the Fortnite Week 7 Legendary quests! By the time you complete the collect parenting books quest, you will have earned 165.000 XP in total. This should help clear a couple of Season 7 Battle Pass levels!


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