Fortnite: How To Collect All Floating Rings At Lazy Lake

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With so much to look forward to in Fortnite over the next couple of weeks, there are always weekly challenges to complete.

With the release of the third set of challenges for this season, there is one that may stump players.

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Here is how to collect the Floating Rings at Lazy Lake!



So, this challenge is perhaps one of the easier ones out of the set of challenges.

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However, finding mysterious items in Fortnite can always be a pain!

You are going to need to find four rings in total, and it will reward you with 35,000 XP.


Fortnite data miner @iFireMonkey was posted a string of tweets regarding all the challenges for the next couple of weeks.


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While doing so, they posted four images of all of the Floating Rings in Lazy Lake!

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Check it out below.

Floating Rings
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RINGS - Could this be alluding to a collaboration?

For better instruction into where to find all four Floating Rings, check out the following YouTube video courtesy of Crown Nebula



If you read iFireMonkey's above tweet, they have noticed this challenge is consistent throughout the next three weeks.


Perhaps the blue rings, are pointing towards a potential partnership with Sonic The Hedgehog?

We will have to wait and see!

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