Fortnite: How To Become The Featured Creative Map! - Tips, Tricks and More

We are now just a week away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, although it is coming off another delay it is well worth it.

During the downtime between the new season, a lot of players have been flocking towards Creative.

When you load up into Creative you may notice a new map every week or so. Some of these are outstanding, but do you have what it takes?

Here's how to get your map featured on the Creative Hub!

What Is It?

During the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games made the decision to remove The Block POI from the map.

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This means Epic needed to showoff artists' work somewhere else, so they revamped the entire Creative Hub.

This was done to showcase someone's masterpiece every week or so.

fortnite season 7 creative 900x507 1
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ART - Some of these Hubs are insane!

Blog Post

During the announcement of these new Creative Hubs, Epic Games also made a handy blog post.

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This post gave some more clarity to the Hub which can be viewed below!

"The Featured Hub houses your saved creations and featured community games. The first few Featured Hubs were designed by a group of community creators that were flown out to Epic Games HQ. Head in-game now to see the first few."

Fortnite Leaked Week 5 and 6 loading screen
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WILD - What will you create within Fortnite?

This means it is pretty much open to everyone to try their hand at creating an insane map.

How To Submit

The submission link for your finished Creative Hub can be found here.

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At the end of the blog post, Epic also listed some general guidelines for when you are designing your Creative Hub.

Check them out below.

  • " 35,000 Memory or Less.
  • No devices that can damage/eliminate players.
  • Props must not block the view of any rifts for players.
  • No gameplay mechanics.
  • Center hub arena must be flat or maximum of 1 tile high.
  • Limit the use of particle effects and other transparent layers.
  • No vehicles.
  • No consumables.
  • Add Two Spawn Pads for QA Testing (Will be removed by us if selected)
  • All text must be put on a billboard or sign and blend in with the scenery (No Floating Text)
  • Must submit an additional video if your hub has hidden easter eggs and interactions
  • Must have player flight turned on for QA Testing (Will be removed by us if selected)
  • Must leave enough free space (Tile Length) around portals so the preview images do not clip into the surrounding area"

Best of luck! We hope to see your map featured in Fortnite soon.

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