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Fortnite Horror Creative Map Codes - June 2020

Ever since the Creative game mode was added into Fortnite over a year ago, the game has never been the same.

From seeing players blaze ahead of others with the help of certain maps. Or wonderous creations being featured in the game itself.

If you are in the mood for something that doesn't necessarily resemble Fortnite, then Horror maps may be for you.

Here are the best ones for June 2020!

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Alverton Hills: Livingston


Perhaps one of the most well known Horror Fortnite maps, Alverton Hills is still one fo the best to check out.

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With spooky enemies to some puzzles you have to solve over the course of the map, this has it all.

Check out some footage of it below!

The Mystery Of Bleakwater


Code: 6999-4525-4637

Next on our list is a map that offers a somewhat open-world when exploring the city.

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This map is no joke and we mean it. It has some twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Check out top streamer CouRage play it below!

The Story of Oliver Whitlock


Having a horror map at the top of our list is not something many players would expect out of Fortnite.

However, there have been some outstanding horror maps within the Creative realm and this story map is one of the best yet.

This is a map filled with surprises and overall solid storytelling on top of it! Check it out below.

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