Fortnite Goth Legends Bundle: Release Date, Skins, Leaks, Pickaxes, Price and More!

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The third patch of Season 4 released all over the world today!

Patch V14.30 implemented less content than players expected, but overall it adds some much need changes into the game and some new LTM's to check out.

We can suspect this will not be the last patch before Fortnitemares 2020, which should commence in a few weeks.

However, we already know some of the skins coming as apart of the Halloween event.

Let's check out this bundle.

Goth Legends

iFireMonkey, who is one of the most well known leakers, posted an image of a new skin bundle coming to the shop soon.

Goth Legends min 2
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NICE - One of the cooler skin bundles!

This new bundle is called Goth Legends, and from what we can tell it is Halloween themed.

The bundle includes three female skins, along with unique pickaxes and backblings for each of the skins.

This is by far one of the best skin bundles we have seen in quite some time.

Release Date

As of now we do not know when the Goth Legends bundle is going to release in the Fortnite item shop.

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We can assume it will appear within the next two weeks, but will only be in the item shop for a limited time!


Since this is a bundle, it is going to cost real money rather than Vbucks.

A bundle like this typically goes up for around $19.99 USD! So expect the same when it releases.

Pickaxe Bundle

iFireMonkey also noted that the pickaxes appear to be a separate bundle from the skins.

Perhaps we will be able to purchase the skins by themselves at a cheaper price rather than getting the pickaxes!

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