Fortnite GI Joe: Epic boss leaks possible new theme ahead of Season 5

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If there is one thing that Epic Games knows how to do, it is collaborations.

Fortnite has seen many big named collaborations happen, from music stars such as Marshmello and Travis Scott, TV shows such as Stranger Things, to superheroes from the likes of Marvel and DC.


The Story So Far

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is entirely Marvel themed, with eight Marvel characters in the Battle Pass.

Many iconic characters are included such as Iron Man, Groot, Thor, and Wolverine making an appearance.

As well as many characters from the Marvel universe being released in the Item Shop such as Blade and Daredevil.

Venom and Black Panther are also expected to be added to the Item Shop before the season ends on 30 November.

fortnite marvel season 4
OUT OF THIS WORLD - The Marvel Universe crash-landed on the island this season

Epic Games' Creative Director, Donald Mustard, is a man that likes to hide in plain sight.


Often giving clues about future events in the game and letting the players figure out what those clues mean.

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He frequently uses his Twitter accounts location to hint at future events.

In the past, he hinted towards the futuristic Chapter 1 Season 9, to the destruction of the original Fortnite map by the Zero Point.

Nothing that Donald Mustard does is ever by accident.

G.I. Joe Coming To Fortnite?

Recently he appeared on a live stream with Geoff Keighley, producer and host of The Game Awards.


After the call ended he sent out a Tweet revealing that there were "many clues to future stuff I’ve hidden into the background of my ‘wfh’ space."

donald mustard gi joe tweet hint
MASTER OF THE DARK ARTS - Mr Mustard loves dropping teasers for fans

Fortnite fans immediately started scouring an image from the call to try and find any clues, and one jumped out immediately.

So far this is the only hint that has been conclusively figured out.

But G.I. Joe would make sense in the world of Fortnite and would fit well with the style of the game.

Donald Mustard GI Joe Hidden png
HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Is this the first clue for Season 5?

Donald Mustard generally doesn't give hints to things that are happening in the immediate future so, if G.I. Joe is coming to Fortnite, it likely won't be during Season 4.


Season 4 is already Marvel themed, and currently there are Ghostbusters themed skins in the Item Shop.

In November the Joker will be released as part of the Last Laugh bundle - that's a lot of collaborations in one season.

G.I. Joe and Snake Eyes will likely be coming to the game during Season 5, or perhaps even beyond that.

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