Fortnite Galaxy Scout Skin: Release Date, How To Get It, Styles, and More!

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We are now at the halfway point of Chapter 2 Season 3, and it has been a fast season for sure.

With the water levels dropping yet again, there may be some bigger news in store for Fortnite cosmetic fanatics.

There was been a rumored Galaxy skin for quite some time, and today we have more news about it!

Here's what we know.


Leaked Images

For quite some time we have been aware of the new Galaxy skin being a female version of the previously released male one back in 2018.

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Now, Twitter user FU has spotted a leaked image of what the Galaxy Scout Skin will look like.

Check it out for yourself below!

Scout 1
click to enlarge

NICE - Looks sweet doesn't it!


How To Get It?

As of now, we do not know any news about how to obtain this insane skin.

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But, since this is going to be apart of the Samsung Galaxy promotion set of Fortnite skins, we can assume there will be a special way to get this skin.

Perhaps existing Samsung users will be able to get this skin completly free!

Release Date

We do not know when the Galaxy Scout Skin is going to release worldwide yet.


However, we can speculate it will be coming in a few weeks, with the above teaser recently being leaked on an app store.

So, there is hope by the end of Summer this skin will be released!

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