Friday Fortnite: All participants and bracket

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(Photo Credit: UMG)

Spurred off the back of the Tfue lawsuit against his former organization FaZe Clan. Friday Fortnite was revived in partnership with Keemstar and FaZe Banks. The popular pub stomping tournament has a prize pool for $20,000 and was once the communities pride and joy to tune into, it was once a place for aspiring professional players to make a name for themselves.


Friday Fortnite is where players such as Mongraal, Cloakzy and Tfue became household names and although the latter two are not participating in the resurrected version. Many professional players and online celebrities are looking to take home the lion's share of $20,000. 

Who's Playing? 

(Photo Credit: UMG)


Friday Fortnite is seen as a pub stomping tournament rather than an ultra-competitive one like the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. However, the field is stacked this week, with many returning duos and some new faces this one will not disappoint. 

*Duos in order of seeding, as posted on UMG*

1. Ninja / PewDiePie2. Lachlan / mrfreshian
3. Aydan / Gorb4. FaZe Sway / Valkyrae
5. FaZe Replays / Nick Eh 306. lazerbeam / X2TwinsTwitch
7. Typical Hamer / FaZe Thiefs8. 100T Noah / FaZe Avery
9. Myth / Poach10. MrSavageM / Benjyfishy
11. SypherPK / HighDistortion12. MrBeast / ExilityTM
13. Gortaga / Mickalow14. Nick28T / NepentheZ
15. FaZe H1ghSky1 / TSM Slappie16. Froste / Mako
17. Granday / Nopeif18. LosPollos / Mopi
19. NateHill / FaZe Funk20. Secret Mongraal / Mitr0
21. FaZe Tilt / FaZe Jarvis22. FaZe Dubs / FaZe Megga
23. Kamo / ISSA24. LuzuGames / Femanfloo
25. Zuckles / Mccreamy26. Svenosss / Vikkstar
27. LOLiTOFDEZ / Giants Xisma28. Reverse2K / KingRichard
29. TSM Chican / Dellor30. Grandmateets / deez of out
31. NICKMERCS / Nio32. Ceeday / NoahsNoah

The Bracket

The tournament structure is a broken down into a winners and losers bracket format, with the seeding set by UMG the higher seed will play their opposing lower seed in the opening round. To win each round, the two duos will queue into a squad game on the host from each team.


Whoever gets the most eliminations over the course of two sets claims the round, making for a thrilling match between professional players. Should you fall into the losers bracket you'll have to claw your way back into the Grand Finals, needing to win two best of two series in order to become the Friday Fortnite Champions!


While the favorites to become the Friday Fortnite champions should be the trio of duos who have already qualified for the Fortnite World Cup; Mongraal and Mitr0, Dubs and Megga and defending champions MrSavageM and Benjyfishy, some other notable names could stir up some upsets. 


FaZe Sway and Valkyrae were a last-minute pairing last week and caused some major upsets along the way, although Sway was doing most of the heavy hitting look for them to cause the same havoc as last week. Another pair that could cause upsets is Reverse2K and KingRichard. Reverse2K being one of the solo players qualified for the Fortnite World Cup and KingRichard one of the best Apex Legends professional players in its early stages as an esport. This duo could be one to keep an eye on 

Who will become the Friday Fortnite Champion? Will it be previous winners MrSavageM and Benjyfishy or will it be internet superstars Ninja and PewDiePie? It all goes down today at 4:00 EST so be sure to tune into the UMG stream or your favorite streamer who is playing this weekend!

Let us know your predictions for Friday Fortnite below!