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Fortnite: Next FNCS Game Mode may have been leaked!

It has been almost a month since the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS round concluded across all regions.

For those who do not know, the present game mode at the time was squads or teams of four.

This was the first time since the dawn of competitive Fortnite that we have witnessed a squad game mode so it was nice to see as a change of pace.


In the downtime between the next FNCS we, of course, had the Winter Royal 2019 which was spread across three days and featured duos as the game mode of choice.

Well, we may already know what game mode we are getting next for another round of FNCS. It appears Epic Games is gearing up to announce it soon, let's take a look at what the game mode is!


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An image that has been circulating Twitter as of late is the above one, listing that the next FNCS game mode will be solos and will kick off in around two weeks.


We have had two iterations of FNCS thus far, the game modes played during these have been trios and squads and with this many people expected that we would be getting duos FNCS next.

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With this rumoured image of what is to come, we cannot be for sure if this will be the next FNCS game mode. Whether or not this image is true is still up in the air, as individuals on Twitter may be looking to gather some attention before announcing it is fake.

However, it seems the only two logical modes the next FNCS can be is solos or duos.

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Multiple FNCS?

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This has been a rumor by members of the Fortnite community since the last FNCS ended.


We have only had one game mode for each FNCS we have experienced thus far, so many have wondered why not have two game modes on rotating weekends for the next FNCS.

This could make some sense, especially with the indications that the next Fortnite World Cup is going to feature three game modes.

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Speaking of the Fortnite World Cup, with the increasing number of rumors and chatter about the prize pool and game modes, keep your eyes peeled.

As with the start of the New Year, we are now just over four months away from when the original Fortnite World Cup qualifiers kicked off.

So we may have something in the shortcoming!