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06 Nov 2019

Fortnite star Ninja jumps to cheating gamer’s defence

Fortnite star Ninja jumps to cheating gamer’s

Ninja claims that Epic Games was “too heavy handed” with FaZe Jarvis’ permanent ban.

One of the biggest names in the gaming industry - Ninja - has had his say on the debate of whether FaZe Clan's Jarvis Kaye should have been banned from Fortnite for his actions.

Jarvis, known as FaZe Jarvis, broadcasted a video of himself using ‘aimbots’ to his two million YouTube subscribers.

Check out the video that got him banned here.

The controversy

Using 'aimbots' in a first-person shooter gives the player a massive edge on their opponents. Call it what you want, these tools can turn a noob into a fully-fledged gamer in no time.

Epic Games (developers behind Fortnite) immediately banned Jarvis for using this tactic, which sparked a fierce debate on whether cheating should result in a permanent ban, or a lesser punishment.

SHOCK - Fortnite's golden boy Ninja has jumped to the defence of the disgraced teen

Now, Ninja has leapt to the Jarvis’ defence, pointing towards the teenager’s lack of maturity as justification for his actions.

“He’s still super young, so I think he’s just a stupid kid making a stupid decision, and didn’t really think about it.”

Ninja continued by highlighting that “it wasn’t a tournament”, making the permanent ban seem excessive, before adding that a “six-month ban from competitive” might be more suitable.

“I think (what he did) was incredibly stupid, but a permanent ban is just silly. What else is he going to play?”

FAZE DOWN - According to reports, Jarvis has been crushed by the news of the permanent ban

He also pointed out that banning young content creators will only have a negative impact on the platform, so Jarvis’ two million subscribers may be his saving grace.

He has a point...

Ninja finally compared Jarvis’ situation to the Logan Paul controversy last year in Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’

“Logan Paul literally filmed someone hanging in a forest and his channel didn’t get banned and he’s been perfectly fine.”

Come back to this piece for Epic Game’s comments on the controversy as we get them.