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Fortnite: Fall Guys Crossover - Will It Happen, Crossovers, Skins and More!

Fortnite is coming up on the release of its 14th season in just over two weeks time!

The game has seen a flurry of collaborations in the past, with the more notable ones being the Marvel and DC Comics partnerships.

Now, a brand new game that has taken the community by storm is looking to partner with the world's most popular battle royal.

Let's take a look!

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Fall Guys

Perhaps the hottest game of Summer 2020 is the loveable indie game Fall Guys.

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The battle royal platformer is a great way to unwind and have exceptional amounts of fun with your friends.

It is no wonder it has climbed to the top of Steam's best sellers, and streamers such as xQc cannot stop playing!

Fall Guys
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LOVE - Who doesn't love some Fall Guys?

Concept Skins

Since the release of the game, the Twitter page has been teasing possible collaborations with every major game studio.

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Now, they have retweeted and tagged Donald Mustard in a tweet with a concept of Fortnite crossover from user Adrotito!

Fall Guys Fortnite 1
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AMAZING - Such talent!

Will It Happen/Release Date?

It is unknown as of now if Fortnite and Fall Guys are going to make a crossover in the coming weeks.

It would not surprise us, as Fortnite is always keen on partnering with other games to spread their dominance in the gaming industry.

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