Fortnite Extraction Crossover: Release Date, Skins, Rewards, and Full Details!

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With the recent success of the Travis Scott concert in Fornite over the last couple of days, fans are already awaiting what could be around the corner.

The event was seen as the best Fortnite one yet and the in-game Travis skin adds to the ample amount of Fortnite Icon Series ones.

Fortnite has always one a great job at collaborating with on-going cultural trends, and it appears Donald Mustard has teased another one in the works!

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Let's check out the full details.



For those who do not know, a new film that hit Netflix over the weekend has been trending worldwide since its release this past Friday.

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Staring in the film is Chris Hemsworth, who is also well known for his role as Thor in the Marvel films. Now, Chris and Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard appearing to be collaborating.

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COLLAB? - All signs point towards a new skin!


This past Friday, Donald Mustard tweeted at the Russo Brothers who were the leading directors for the film. With Donald saying the above tweet:

"Hey Joe. Maybe we should put Rake in Fortnite and find out"

Although we do not know if this is confirmed, one can wonder why Donald would even tweet in the first place if something was not in the works.

Release Date?

Since the collaboration is not confirmed as of yet, we do not have an expected release date as of now.

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However, since the film has already hit the screens; we do not expect it to take longer than a week or two!



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Image courtesy of Netflix and YouTube

Chris Hemsworth's character in Extraction is Tyler Rake, a mercenary who is on the goal to rescue his endangered son and of course runs into some obstacles.


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This is the only skin we can assume will be in the game, and for those who do not know; this will not be the first time Epic does a skin off of a movie character.

Around this time last year, Epic Games released a skin in partnership with the latest John Wick skin.

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