Fortnite's UEFA EURO 2020 Arena Cup enters Day Two & the second round

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We're headed into Day Two of the first major tournament to hit Fortnite in Season 7 and we can't wait to continue battling it out for a chance at victory!

LATEST - Day Two Begins; Round 2 Begins

It looks like Round Two is about to start in Fortnite's UEFA EURO 2020 Arena Cup tournament. To recap, here's who makes it through to the next stage of the competition:

  • Europe, NA East, Na West, Brazil - Top 1,000 players from each region will advance from Round 1 to Round 2.
  • Middle East, Asia, Oceania - Top 500 players from each region will advance from Round 1 to Round 2.

The top-performing players in each region will share a $50,000 prize pool. Keep an eye on the in-game menu for when your region's second round starts and good luck!

Fortnite Euro Cup Start Time

Now that we've arrived at the day the Fortnite Euro 2020 Cup begins, we now know what time it is due to start.

While it might vary region to region, with it being smart to check the Compete tab in game first, the first round of the Fortnite Euro 2020 Cup's start time is set as 5pm BST on June 16.

It will be active for three hours, so you'll need to jump into the solo action as soon as you can.

Then, the second round will begin at the same time of the day on June 17, so be sure to log back in then if you qualify.

Harry Kane's Own Skin Video

Harry Kane might be an icon of English football, but he's not exactly the best public speaker. Still, he's narrated a short video showcasing his new Fortnite Icon Series Skin Bundle for Epic Games and you can check it out below:

New Reus Skin Video

Following the initial reveal, the official Fortnite Twitter account has given us a more detailed look at the Marco Reus skin that's coming as part of the Euro 2020 celebrations.

The video, which you can see below, featured the skin in action and has some live-action clips of Reus himself.

Kane & Reus Skins Confirmed

Epic Games has officially confirmed that Harry Kane and Marco Reus are coming to Fortnite. Their announcement also confirms some details about the UEFA Euro 2020 Arena Cup event that's due to start next week.

Round 1 of the event is open to everyone and the top performing players from each region will progress into the second round. Europe, NA East, NA West, and Brazil will progress the Top 1,000 players into Round 2. Middle East, Asia, and Oceania will only progress the Top 500 players, though.

Following this, the top-performing players in each region will share a $50,000 prize pool and anyone who earns at least 20 points will receive the "Winner's Cup" Emote and the "Kick It!" Spray.

How to Sign Up

At the moment, we don't know how exactly people are going to be able to take part in the Fortnite Euro Cup that's coming. Fortnite has just launched Season 7, so obviously, it's been a little busy on their end. However, UEFA hasn't really provided much help in their own statement.

Fortnite Euro Cup Neymar Collab Skin
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NEYMAR'S COLLAB WAS JUST THE START - It looks like Fortnite x Football is going to be more commonplace going forwards

All we know so far about how you can participate in the tournament is the following:

" The collaboration between UEFA and Fortnite will include exclusive rewards as part of the Cup, and fans should keep an eye out for upcoming announcements on, including further details of how to participate in the Cup as well as more information regarding the prizes to be won."

We can imagine it will be an opt-in experience in-game, much like the previous Arena Cups that appear. For the most part, these need you to be at a certain level. However, that is the only restriction. These are points-based and Epic Games has made sure they're fairly open to as many players as they can be.

What Rewards Are On Offer?

At the moment, we only have one leak to suggest what rewards might be on offer for competing in the Fortnite Euro Cup later this month.

HYPEX, a notable Fortnite leaker, has shared the following image for the Fortnite UEFA Euro 2020 Cup event that's coming.


In the tweet below, you can see that the "Kick It" Emote and "Winner's Cup" Emote are both mentioned as rewards. UEFA's Statement also adds the fact that "top-performing players will be able to earn prize money as well" as these in-game rewards.

UEFA's Statement

Below, you can check out what EUFA had to say about the collaborative event following the announcement of the Fortnite Euro 2020 Cup.

" Football is consistently one of the top sports that our players tell us they want to see and experience in Fortnite," said Nate Nanzer, head of global partnerships at Epic Games. "This year has already seen an incredible calendar of football events both in the game and around the world, and partnering with UEFA for the Fortnite UEFA EURO 2020 Cup is one more exciting way to celebrate football with millions of Fortnite players."
Fortnite Euro Cup AC Milan
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CLUB STRIPS - Do you think we will see the International Kits added to Fortnite's Item Store?
"Huge audiences will be glued to UEFA EURO 2020 this summer and so it seemed like a natural fit to enable Fortnite’s millions of players to be part of the action too," said UEFA marketing director, Guy-Laurent Epstein. "Video games are an important part of the younger generation's choice of entertainment and collaborating with Fortnite ensures that we continue to engage these audiences with our competition brands."

Fortnite hasn't uploaded any further information about the event, yet.

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