Fortnite: Epic Game allegedly not paying players

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Photo via @FortniteGame

Epic games originally announced $100 million competitive backing, including the Fortnite World Cup and multiple online tournaments such as the Luxe Cup and Share the Love tournaments. While professional players were ecstatic at this opportunity to pursue competitive Fortnite full time with the promised backing, a recent Reddit post by user u/Returnoftruth has detailed the troubling financial side Epic Games is instilling on its players. 

The post along accompanied by multiple screens captures of professional players citing the lack of payments by Epic details such accusations. Players from top organizations such as Fnatic, TSM, E11 and Team Secret vented their complaints on the lack of payments back in mid-May. 

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Although the thread of tweets was over a month ago, the author of the post claims that the turmoil is still in effect and an active point of discussion in competitive discords. The user also notes “Some of these payouts even exceed $9,000,” and “Still, these players are being ignored despite being proactive. Epic has even gone so far as to say that certain players were never at the event, when it’s quite easy to prove.” 

There is also a screen capture of a table that was posted by Epic Games from their developer blog about competitive payments posted on May 3rd. 

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The screen capture details the amount of payments Epic Games has completed since the Summer Skirmish which was almost a year ago but yet there are still some uncompleted payments. Epic Games has also refrained from completing any payments from the Fortnite World Cup Online Open's as they claim they are still verifying the results. 

Throughout the course of the last calendar year, Epic Games has accounts payable of 43,285 to its professional players throughout multiple events but have only paid 10% of its accounts. They state they are waiting for 1687 players to verify their payment information, which would reduce their accounts to 37,200 payments,  around 86 percent of outstanding fees.

With a guaranteed $50,000 to each player who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup in solos or duos the delayed payments may start to dwindle on the company. One can wonder how long it will take Epic Games to take action with the volume of money they will be handing out over the next month. 

Epic Games is without a doubt one of the biggest developers and companies in the world, but could they potentially be seeing a future lawsuit? The Reddit post brought a lot of attention yet again to the developer and it will be interesting to see what becomes of this situation.