13 Sep 2021 4:35 PM +00:00

Where to eliminate IO guards in Fortnite Season 8 (Charlotte Questline)

Season 8 is finally live in Fortnite and this time, 'Cubed' is the theme. As you'd expect, there are loads of challenges to complete to get XP to level up the battle pass.

One of those challenges, as part of Charlotte's Questline, asks you to eliminate IO guards. Below, we've got a guide on how to do exactly that.

Eliminate IO Guards in Fortnite Location


Unlike in Season 7, IO guards aren't scattered across the map, and you can't find them a huge IO bases.

Instead, you'll need to look for the smaller IO bases, which are often on top of small hills, and hope they spawn there.

The most reliable place we found was south east of pleasant park, towards the river that runs down to the centre of the map, in the northern section of the Season 8 map.

It's where the blue marker is just above the flight path, so head there for a reliable place to find two IO guards.

fortnite, eliminate IO guards
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Just drop in and begin fighting them. Just hope that no one else drops there with you, as you'll need to fight them as well as the guards, and they'll maybe take the kills you were after away from you.

Landing Spot

You can see the little base you're looking for in the screenshot below.

eliminate IO guards, Fortnite
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Just grab a gun as soon as you can (there will be a couple lying around the base) and take on the guards.


You'll likely need to complete the "eliminate IO guards" challenge for Charlotte's Questline over a few different matches, so don't worry about that.

Just take out who you can and carry on with your quest to getting a Victory Royale.

We'll have guide on more Fortnite Season 8 quests and challenges over the next few months and weeks.