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How to complete Dusk's Vampire Combat Punchcard in Fortnite Season 8

In Fortnite Season 8 we've abandoned weekly Legendary and Epic quests in favor of punchcards. What this means is that each NPC has their own questline that need completing rather than a weekly quest reset to advance the storyline.

Here's how you can find Dusk and complete her combat punchcard in Fortnite Season 8.

Dusk Location in Season 8

Dusk can be found at a camp near Primal Pond, just south of The Aftermath. Strange that a vampire is just chilling in one of the sunniest spaces on the map!


Just interact with her for the first time to accept her questline. If you already have five active quests, you can choose to replace one in favor of Dusks without any repercussions.

How to complete Dusks Quests in Fortnite

Dusks questline comes in five stages, they are;

  • Ring a doorbell until it breaks - 12,000 XP
  • Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing - 14,000 XP
  • Deal pistol damage from above - 16,000 XP
  • Get an elimination with a Pistol, SMG, or Shotgun in the Sideways - 18,000 XP
  • Finish a downed enemy with your harvesting tool - 20,000 XP

Stage one is simple but you may be confused by the lack of map markings with it. To complete this quest, you can head to Lazy Lakes or Pleasant Parks and walk up to any house. Find the front door and next to it should be a doorbell. Just repeatedly interact with it to break it and complete the quest.

Fortnite Dusk NPC
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This seems much more like Dusks kinda locale

Stage two is also quite simple. Just follow a fellow player when dropping out of the battle bus and swing away with your harvesting tool. You only need to hit them once for the quest to be complete.

Stage three asks you to deal pistol damage from above. This could be tricky but fortunately doesn't specify that you need to damage players. You can head into any of the Sideways locations or rifts and get the height advantage on the monsters. Just hit them a few times to complete the quest.

Stage four is tricky. To eliminate another player with a pistol, SMG, or shotgun in the Sideways your best chance is to land near one of the locations and attempt to track a player within. Visibility is reduced but if you can get the jump on someone for an early elimination it's easier than waiting until enemies are geared up.

Dusk Flying Fortnite
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Finally, stage five needs to be completed in a team-based mode. Either Duos, Trios, or Squads will suffice. To complete this quest, once an enemy is downed, you need to finish them with your harvesting tool, make sure you communicate this quest to your team if playing with randoms, or else it will take even longer to achieve.