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Dreamhack Open Tournament won't return until October

Fortnite's Dreamhack Open Tournaments are hugely successful and a fantastic opportunity for players to get a taste of Competitive Fortnite without much forethought - all you need to do is make sure you're available at the right time of the month!

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Following August 2021's tournament, here's everything we know about September and the Dreamhack Open.

Latest - Next Dreamhack Open comes in October

Thanks to an anouncement on Twitter, we now know that the Dreamhack Open will not be returning in September.


Instead, the tournament will return in early October and details have already been given in the above tweet. There are also three cash cup extras on the way next season as well. There will be one each month from October through to December.

DATES - When are we expecting the next Dreamhack?

At the moment, we don't know for sure when Fortnite's next Dreamhack Open - hopefully coming in September - is due to start. August's Dreamhack Open played out from August 11th to August 19th, so we could be waiting a little while yet.


We saw information about August 2021's Dreamhack Open a long time before, as you can see above. This might mean September 2021's tournament is scheduled for later in the month, if not October.

FORMAT - How did August play out?


Last month, the Dreamhack Open was a Duos Tournament. We're expecting September 2021's Dreamhack tournament to follow suit and keep with this format.

Like last month, you'll need to play through a Regional Heat before entering the Semi-Finals and Finals. A maximum of ten games will be played in each round with 500 Duos making it through each Regional Heat, then 50 duos from the Semi-Finals.

The Grand Final is going to be a series of six games played consecutively - Each game should start every 35 minutes. If you make it this far, expect a bit of a gauntlet!

PRIZES - What are we expecting?

We're expecting the September Dreamhack Open to follow in the footsteps of August's tournament by offering the same prize pool and "Prize Money Breakdown". August's Dreamhack Open had a total prize pool of USD$ 200,000 for both the EU and NA regions - that's quite a lot of prize money!

If you look below, you'll be able to see the Prize Money Breakdown for August 2021's Dreamhack Open - we expect September 2021's to be the same when it's announced.

Fortnite Dreamhack August prizepool
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PRIZE MONEY BREAKDOWN - How much can you earn?

The total prize pool isn't split evenly, though. You'll earn more for placing higher in the EU region.