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Fortnite Dreamhack Cash Cup Extra details for Season 8

As we move into Fortnite Season 8 and competitive play picks up again, we're being treated to three more Cash Cup Extra events.

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Unlike many other competitive events, you will have to earn your way into the Cash Cup Extra events and we can tell you exactly how to do this. Here's everything you need to know...

Fortnite x Dreamhack Season 8 Cash Cup Extra

There will be three Cash Cup Extra events in Season 8. They will take place on;

  • Friday, 6 October
  • Wednesday, 3 November
  • Wednesday, 1 December

In order to qualify for these events, you will need to have placed in the top 132 teams from the previous cash cup. That's no small achievement but make sure to keep tabs on your performance so you know if you qualify or not.

Season 8 Dreamhack Open

The Dreamhack Open for Fortnite also returns for Season 8 and will take place between 7-10 October. This is set to be a huge event just like last season. Entry is completely open to anyone who wishes to enter either of the heats. Exact times will be available closer to the tournament.


It's set as a duo format meaning another tournament arrives without the hugely requested solos rule. Both the NA East and European tournaments will run concurrently. The Cash Cup Extra events are played in Trios.

Season 7 Recap

The Season 7 Fortnite Dreamhack Open took place in mid-August and was one of the best tournaments when it comes to participation. There were some cinderella stories on the cards but it was veteran players who took home the prizes in both major territories.

Fortnite Dreamhack Open Winners
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EL L2R2 and TNG RISE took home the corn in the NA East event. For Europe, EVOZA STORMYRITE and GAMBIT TOOSE were the winners.